Lewisham Council is investing in a masterplan framework – a vision to be developed in collaboration with the community – that maps out how we want the town centre to evolve over the coming decades.


As in its heyday, Catford town centre will be a lively hub for culture and creative arts. Cinema, theatre, art and music will draw interest from across London and celebrate the passion and talents of the town’s local people.

Catford’s character will always be made by its people and its diverse but cohesive community will flourish and strengthen. The town centre will be for families, safe and welcoming with places to play, linger for a coffee, bump into friends and like-minds, chat and enjoy the moments of a day.

Homes will be accessible, affordable and desirable with priority given to local people and their families. The shops, cafes and bars that we cherish today will be supported by the community and will take pride of place in the town centre with generous public space. An evening out will be easily imagined with film, music, performance and good quality cuisine just a moments’ walk from home.

Coming into Catford town centre will be a pleasure as noisy, polluting and dangerous roads are realigned to the fringes of the centre. Whether on foot, bike or public transport there will be effortless routes to make your way into the town centre, vastly improving quality of daily life for those who pass through for work, pleasure or day-to-day life.


The framework plan signals the start of a major regeneration to transform Catford town centre. The south circular will be re-routed freeing up more space for pedestrians. Catford Shopping Centre will be redeveloped, providing new retail space and new homes. Pedestrian-friendly areas, open spaces and new community facilities will also be created.

 Over the last two years, we've gathered feedback from people who live, work, shop and socialise in the town centre on what they like and wanted to improve. With almost 2,000 comments shared so far, we’re starting to build a clear picture of the everyday issues that affect life in our town centre. All of this feedback will be incorporated into the framework plan.

Now we’re asking local people to consider bigger issues - how do we build enough homes for Catford’s community that will meet needs and be affordable? How we provide flexible retail space that will adapt as the nature of high street shopping continues to evolve? How do we retain space for the variety of local shops, cafes and bars that make Catford what we love? 

Talk to a member of the team about the framework plan at one of our engagement events or share your thoughts and ideas on the draft framework plan.