Introducing The Digital Home of Catford Stories Told by the Community


We think Catford is deserving of its very own news, so this week we’ve launched a blog site for Catfordians to share memories and perspectives that have shaped their relationship with the local area. Founded by Team Catford’s Charisse Chikwiri, is a hub where you can discover the untold stories of Catford, told by those who know it best. 

From nostalgic musings on Catford’s unique history to photo essays by local creatives, is a platform where people who live, work, shop or run a business in Catford can write about topics that they may feel are overlooked and give a voice to the seldom-heard.

Charisse Chikwiri, editor, said:

“Whilst having hundreds of conversations with local people about the future of Catford town centre, it was clear that there are lots of unique perspectives on Catford. These perspectives reflect our diversity and bring together views across ages, experiences and cultures. is an opportunity to have these conversations and learn about some of the undiscovered features of the past and present of our neighbourhood.”

Must reads from

-       Long-time resident David Dunn remembers Catford in the 1950s and tracks the changes in the decades since.

-       Adam Abdullah, the Young Mayor for Lewisham, speaks to editor Charisse Chikwiri

-       Henry J Kamara’s photo series Humans of Catford.


We’d love to hear from local people who would like to contribute to this new project. If you would like to contribute get in touch by emailing