Reimagining the town centre

In summer 2017, Lewisham Council secured agreement from Transport for London to reroute the south circular road. This major road, that currently divides the town centre, will be rerouted behind Laurence House and reconfigured to create easier pedestrian crossings and introduce dedicated cycle lanes. Two-way traffic flows around Plassy Island and new traffic light-controlled junctions will replace the current gyratory system.

This landmark decision presents us with an opportunity to completely rethink the space and layout of the town centre. Moving the road will open up a large central site for regeneration – where Laurence House, the Old Town Hall, the Civic suite, the Catford Shopping centre, Milford Towers and the multi storey car park is currently located. The Broadway - Catford’s market and shopping street - as well as the theatre will remain in place and we will have an opportunity to consider how new town centre leisure, culture and shopping uses as well as homes could complement these historic buildings.

Right now, the Council is working up detailed plans for the road move and these will be shared with the local community through the planning process over the next year. It is anticipated construction work on the new road layout could start in early 2021.