Come along to one of our community engagement and place making events:


Sunday 29 September, 10am-4pm, Catford Food Market, Catford Broadway, Catford SE6 4SN


Sunday 27 October, Catford Food Market, 10am-4pm, Catford Broadway, Catford SE6 4SN


Sunday 24 November, 10am-4pm, Catford Food Market & Festive Light Switch, Catford Broadway, Catford SE6 4SN

Throughout autumn 2019, Team Catford will share emerging themes and ideas with local stakeholders at the events listed above. The first draft of the masterplan framework based on this feedback will then be shared at a series of events in the coming months.

We are always open to joining existing meetings too so if you have a community group or residents’ association and you’d like Team Catford to come along, get in touch.

Take a look at some of our videos and vox pops that capture the views of those who live, work, visit or shop in Catford. 

Sharing a vision for Catford

Meet the architects

Have your say

Bears Dough at Catford Food Market

Catford Food Market turns one

Visiting from Barbican

Catford 2018 Round Up

Catford Cornucopia - Small Business

Have You Had Your Say?

Catford Gin Festival 2018

Inspire Beauty

Shop Local


Catford DIne & Chat

Catford Vegan Festival 2018

A pub is for friendship

Catford Food Market

Catford Food Market

Young & Vocal

Fayrooz Lebanese Restaurant

Mixology At Bottle Bar & Shop

Merry Christmas From Team Catford

The Beautiful Art

Famous Feline

A mosaic and much more

Catford 72 Hour Film Challenge

Butterflies Evoke Curiosity

Crossing the A21


Michelle On First Impressions

Adrian On Cycling

Catford Cornucopia

Catford Dine & Chat

Catford Beer Festival 2018

Young & Vocal

Catford Dine & Chat

Catford Dine & Chat

Young & Vegan

Catford Beer Festival 2018

Catford Food Market

Rushey Green Local Assembly


FLK Chinese Groceries

Catford Kids Craft Fair

Catford 72 Hour Film Challenge

Catford South Local Assembly

Felix Cattus

Catford Gin Festival

Catford 72 Hour Film Challenge

Butterlfies Symbolise Regeneration


A Popular Cut Through

Claire On Cycling

Dervise On The South Circular

Drone Taster Days

Catford Vegn Festival July 2018

Catford Food Market

Catford Back In The Day

Catford Dine & Chat

Catford Vegan Festival 2018

Stopping Isolation

Meat The Team

Catford Food Market

Community Development

Dourof Carpets

Catford Round-up

Little Catford Mice

This is where I want to be

Catford South Local Assembly

Mosaic Meow

The South Circular Road

Charisse on Team Catford

Butterflies are the pets of the Angels

Catford’s Green Spaces

Trevor On Regeneration

Chris On Catford

Denise On Crossing The South Circular